JAMAICA | UDC Commences Work On Project To Protect Mo’Bay Waterfront

JAMAICA | UDC Commences Work On Project To Protect Mo’Bay Waterfront

MONTEGO BAY, St. James, December 15, 2021 - The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) has commenced work on a multi-million-dollar project to protect the Montego Bay waterfront in St. James.

The project involves the restoration of six groynes to mitigate against further erosion of the city’s shoreline and prevent severe flooding.

Speaking at the St. James Municipal Corporation’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony held at Harmony Beach Park on Monday (December 13), the UDC’s Western Regional Manager, Omar Simpson, said that phase one of the project commenced in November and is expected to be completed by May 2022.

Approximately $200 million is being spent for work on four groynes at One-man beach and at the Walter Fletchers Beach along the Jimmy Cliff Boulevard, during this first phase.

For phase two, the additional two groynes located along the shoreline of the Harmony Beach Park, will be rehabilitated.

The beach park was officially opened to the public in May of this year.

A groyne is a low wall or sturdy barrier built out into the sea from a beach to prevent the “These are artificial structures that are created along with this section of Montego Bay …. so many decades ago, to protect the shoreline and to ensure that it is safe for use for the people of Montego Bay. These groyne structures…basically absorb most of the wave impact,” Mr. Simpson said.

“Now, with the advent of rising sea levels, the advent of climate change, and change in weather patterns (with) more aggressive storm forces, the shoreline is under pressure,” he noted.


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