JAMAICA |  Opposition PNP Wants Gov't to Support Moratorium on Deep Sea Mining

JAMAICA |  Opposition PNP Wants Gov't to Support Moratorium on Deep Sea Mining

KINGSTON, Jamaica, July 27, 2022 -  Jamaica’s Opposition People's National Party has added its voice to the deep sea mining debate, and has supported the call from countries around the world and local organizations for a moratorium on deep sea mining.

The PNP  has called “on the Government of Jamaica, to stand with the environment and the mass movement across the world and support the moratorium on deep sea mining.”

Spokesperson  on  Land  Environment  and  Climate  Change,  Senator  Sophia Frazer  Binns  believes  that  ""the  deep  sea  as  declared  by the United  Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea  is deemed a common property for the use and  benefit  of  mankind.

In a statement, Senator Frazer Binns said “given   the   destruction   of   the   terrestrial   environment   which   has   led   to unprecedented  negative  effects  on  the  environment,  climate  change  and peoples’ livelihood,   world leaders cannot at this time, in good conscience accede to  deep sea mining.

  “If  we  are  serious  about  the  use  for  the  benefit  of mankind, then we must at a minimum know all the benefits and challenges of deep sea mining. Accordingly, a moratorium is not only the right thing to do but the responsible thing to do for all mankind,” she said.

“While we recognize the financial benefits that deep sea mining could bring, the Opposition is concerned about the irreversible and catastrophic effects that digging up the sea floor can cause. Our concerns include:

"1.  The  real effects of deep sea mining on the environment  are largely unknown,  with  the  little  available  information  suggesting  that  the effects on bio diversity will not just be  inevitable  but irreversible. These include the extinction of various species and the disruption of the sea.

2.  Disruption  of ocean life  will have negative effects on land, coastal communities and fisher folks  who rely on the ocean for their survival. We must also consider the effects on marine life including our corals and species still yet unknown.

3.  Jamaica  recently  signed  on  to  the  Caribbean  Biological  Corridor which aims to  protect marine life and biodiversity of the oceans. As a Small Island Developing State, Jamaica has more to lose  with the disruption of our  deep sea bed.

4.   Deep   sea   mining   ought   not   to   take   place without   the   full engagement of all stakeholders, particularly those who are most likely to be impacted."

The Opposition pointed out that “The deep sea remains a crucial resource to our survival as it absorbs heat and carbon. The biological diversity that exists in our deep sea should remain untouched, especially in light of the limited information available.

"Protecting our deep sea will protect our future. Jamaica’s commitment to its people must be evident in its vote for a moratorium on deep sea mining," the Opposition spokesperson declared.



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