Pharrell Williams Cancels Concert in Tel Aviv

U.S. singer and producer Pharrell Williams has cancelled a planned concert in Tel Aviv less than two weeks before the event, though it´s unclear if the entertainer caved to pressure from the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement for an international embargo against Israel.

The Democratic Party Refuses to Support Palestine

Last weekend, supporters of non-candidate-elect and Hillary Clinton endorser Bernie Sanders begged the Democratic Platform Committee to do something—anything—positive for Palestine. Not a chance. Despite a scathing plea from the one principled high-profile figure of this election season, Cornel West, support for colonialism made it through the Committee basically unscathed.
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Palestine, Israel and the Sea-The freedom flotilla

There has long been controversy about Palestinian territorial waters. This issue was raised last year, during Israel’s genocidal assault on the Gaza Strip, wherein part of the so-called ‘cease-fire’ agreement included that Israel would respect international law relating to the sea. Now the issue is once again an area of international focus.
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