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Jamaica won't forsake Venezuela while exploring clean energy

KINGSTON, April 12, 2015 - Despite efforts by the United States to wean the Jamaican Government from the use of Venezuelan Oil to Natural Gas, Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell says Jamaica will be deepening its relationship with Venezuela while shifting its focus to clean energy.

US 'disappointed' in Region's support to Venezuela

Roberta Jacobson was surprised not more countries defended the U.S. sanctions and decree claiming Venezuela a threat.   The U.S. Under-Secretary for Latin America admitted Friday that she was “disappointed” by the reactions of the Latin American countries to the sanctions and the “national security threat” decree recently adopted by Washington against Venezuela.

Venezuela hands protest letter to the US

CARACAS, March 28, 2015- Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez announced Friday that her country has handed a formal letter of protest to the United States embassy in Caracas to reject the White House's recent executive order calling Venezuela a threat to U.S. security.

CARICOM backs Guyana against Venezuela's border assertions

CARICOM Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana - March 22, 2015 - The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has expressed concern about recent assertions by Venezuela, in relation to its boundary dispute with Guyana, and has again expressed its hope for an early resolution of the controversy arising from Venezuela's contention that the 1899 Arbitral Award, which settled the boundary between the two countries, is null and void.

Dangerous Diplomacy: US lauds Mexico & Honduras, targets Venezuela

President Barack Obama declared Venezuela an “extraordinary threat to national security” March 9 on the basis of alleged human rights abuses and political corruption.This is part of an ongoing U.S. campaign of aggression toward Venezuela, which includes actively supporting right-wing Venezuelan opposition forces in fomenting chaos and instability in attempts to execute a coup against President Nicolas Maduro.
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Venezuela: historical precedent shows US wants to intervene

Venezuela's foreign minister told the OAS there is a “real threat” of the United States trying to militarily attack the country. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez accused the United States of aggression Thursday, during an extraordinary session of the Organization of American States (OAS).
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