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JAMAICA | PNP to focus on reconciliation and party unity

Featured PNP president and Opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips at today's press conference PNP president and Opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips at today's press conference
KINGSTON, Jamaica September 11, 2019 - Jamaica’s opposition Peoples National Party is taking steps to unify the party and to focus on reconciliation, following what president Dr. Peter Phillips called “a gruelling campaign lasting 90 days.”

At a press conference today, Dr. Phillips said the campaign for presidency of the party “was not perfect and many utterances may come back to haunt us. There were also reported serious breaches of the Party’s Code of Conduct. According to our rules, these will be dealt with.”

“However, I want to pay tribute to the vast majority of comrades who went through the process without incident and upheld the highest traditions of PNP internal democracy,” he said.

“Having come through this campaign, we are mindful of all the issues raised during those 90 days, and in particular the clear message sent by the delegates, ‘we want a unified party'. My opponent, Peter Bunting, and the comrades who supported him can be assured of my highest consideration and comradeship,” Phillips declared.

The PNP president said his meeting yesterday with Peter Bunting “discussed a number of issues and we reaffirmed our commitment to cooperate fully for the success of the People's National Party.”

Among the decisions announced at today’s press conference, included the decision to dismantle the ‘One PNP’ and ‘Rise United’ campaigns and re-engage their energies as a united party.

Dr. Phillips said a team will be named, comprising members of both campaigns, to resolve issues that could cause conflict within the party.

The team, to be led by the respective campaign managers, will meet next week.

“We know that a united PNP has always been victorious; our task now is to build on the positive energies created during the campaign, to resume our work in the 63 constituencies, island-wide,” he said.

“There will be no recrimination or victimization of any form even as the normal party functions” he declared. He called “on all members and supporters to now focus on unifying and strengthening the Party, as Jamaica needs a strong PNP.”

Dr. Phillips said, they both agreed “that our supporters should desist from attacks on other party members, whether on social media or otherwise, and that the party’s code of conduct and rules must be observed.”

Our task now is to build on the positive energies created during the campaign to resume our work in the 63 constituencies islandwide.

"We will continue the process of putting in place our candidates and to strengthen the party machinery on the ground, starting this weekend in South West Clarendon, where incumbent MP Noel ‘Butch’ Arscott had, months ago, indicated that he would not be offering himself again for re-election,” the PNP president pointed out.

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