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Dr. Peter Phillips Declares Intention to Lead PNP in the Future

Featured Former Finance Minister and PNP General Secretary, Dr. Peter Phillips Former Finance Minister and PNP General Secretary, Dr. Peter Phillips
St. Andrew, September 5, 2016: Dr. Peter Phillips has declared that he will be a candidate for President of the People’s National Party (PNP) whenever current Party President Portia Simpson Miller steps down from that post and a vacancy for leadership of the 78 year-old political institution is created.

Dr. Phillips made the declaration as he spoke during the public session of his East Central St. Andrew constituency conference at Jasicera Park near Half-Way Tree in St. Andrew on Sunday night (September 4).

“Whenever the Party Leader decides and the Party decides and there is a transition to take place, I intend by the grace of God to offer myself,” Dr. Phillips declared.

He said that for whatever time he had remaining in public life, with the support of the delegates of the PNP, he intended to commit to the restoration of the values of the Party and to its protection.

Dr. Phillips pointed out that: “With no disrespect to anyone and none to the Party Leader, I know that a time will come when a transition will take place. I believe in orderly transition. That is why my name is not on any ballot this September. There was never any intention for my name to be on any ballot this September because I believe in the protection of the Party.”

The former Minister of Finance and Planning expressed the view that Jamaica needs a strong PNP to advance and keep alive the legitimate dreams of the Jamaican people. The Party was needed, he added, to ensure that all children, no matter where they lived or which school they attend, receive the same high quality education which they all deserve.  The Party was needed too, he pointed out, to complete the economic reforms and to advance the transformation of the Police force to be able to better combat crime and keep the people of Jamaica safe.

Meanwhile, Dr. Phillips called for an end to the disrespect being shown by some persons to PNP President Portia Simpson Miller, who also spoke at the Conference. He noted that the Party Leader had devoted most of her life to the PNP and has served in every position possible in political life including as Parish Councillor, Member of Parliament, Vice President and President of the PNP, Minister of Government and Prime Minister of Jamaica.

He said that while it is a known fact that in the past he contested with her for the leadership of the PNP, it was to her credit that she appointed him Minister of Finance and Planning between 2012 and 2016 so that they could establish the economic foundations for the country and ensure a better quality of life for Jamaica.

“Nobody can question her loyalty and love for the people of Jamaica. She deserves the respect, regard and esteem of all in the Party and in the country. To disrespect the Leader of the PNP is to disrespect the Party itself,” Dr. Phillips said.

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