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Cllr Shernette Haughton barred from running on the PNP Ticket

Featured Former Lucea Mayor Cllr Shernette Haughton Former Lucea Mayor Cllr Shernette Haughton
The National Executive Council of the People's National Party has ratified the decision of the Executive Committee not to allow Councillor Shernette Haughton, to be a candidate of the People's National Party for the next local government elections.

At a meeting of the Party's NEC  at its meeting of Sunday 28th June, 2015, held at the Madge Saunders Conference Centre, Tower Isle, St Mary, the party said membership is not being suspended and she remains a member of the People's National Party.

Following a review by the Integrity Commission of the People’s National Party (PNP), the Executive Committee of the Party had accepted the reports from the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) on its investigation(s) into activities at the Hanover Parish Council, regarding allegations of nepotism, corruption and maladministration involving the Former Mayor of Lucea, Shernette Haughton.

The decision by the PNP Executive follows its acceptance “… that there are moral principles and issues of ethical conduct which are central to the findings contained in those reports."

The Executive of the PNP contends that as a result of the seriousness of the issues contained in the OCG Report and notwithstanding an apology by Councillor Haughton to be made public at the next meeting of the Hanover Parish Council, Councillor Haughton will not be eligible to contest the next local government election on a PNP ticket, but will be allowed to complete her current term as a councillor and a member of the Party.  The Party also noted that it had no legal authority to remove Councillor Haughton as an elected representative.

Haughton had appeared before the Integrity Commission, with her attorney to answer questions.

The PNP Executive had accepted from the onset of the release of the Report, that strong disciplinary action would be taken once the matters had been reviewed in detail and the process of natural justice completed. The banning of Mrs. Haughton from the next local government election as a candidate of the Party,  is an appropriate sanction.

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