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Venezuela's Yulimar Rojas Set Triple Jump World Record: 15.43 m

  • Written by teleSUR
  • Published in Sports
Venezuela’s 24-year-old athlete Yulimar Rojas Friday set a new triple jump indoor world record in Madrid, Spain, with a 15.43-meter mark.This result was expected as she is not a rookie in athletics. She has already been twice the triple jump world champion and is the current Olympic runner-up in this specialty.

In Madrid, Rojas executed the best jump in the history of indoor athletics, reaching 15 meters and 43 centimeters in her sixth attempt.

In Venezuela, this sporting feat was immediately commented by her proud fellow citizens, among whom was President Nicolas Maduro.​​​​​

"Tremendous jumping! I congratulate our champion, Yulimar Rojas, for achieving a new triple jump indoor world record, in the Madrid meeting," President Nicolas Maduro tweeted.

"The entire Venezuelan people celebrate this great achievement of our national sport. Long live Venezuela! Heading to Tokyo 2020!"

With this new mark, Rojas broke the 15.36-meter world record set by the Russian athlete Tatyana Lebedeva in Budapest in 2004.

The Venezuelan athlete's next goal will be to break the current triple jump outdoor world record, which was set by the Ukrainian Inessa Kravets at 15.50 meters in 1995.

Rojas is also training to compete in the next Olympics that will begin on July 24 in Tokyo.

  • Countries: Latin America