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WHO labels Covid-19 as dangerous and urges rapid offensive

  • Written by Prensa Latina
  • Published in Health
Beijing, 24 Feb (Prensa Latina) Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) today urged the international community to proceed with faster and more drastic responses to curb the coronavirus Covid-19, considering it extremely dangerous and devastating for humanity.

Bruce Aylward, who is leading an agency mission to China, said at a press conference that the information gathered so far needs a conscious work and warned the Asian country not to trust the positive signs because the pathogen can re-emerge with greater force. "Much of the world and China is still vulnerable to the coronavirus. This is a new virus, so humans do not have the immunity to defeat it," said the Canadian specialist.

However, he praised the offensive launched by Beijing a month ago, and especially the complete closure of the city of Wuhan, because that is where the outbreak broke out, it is still focused and could persist for several weeks.

He highlighted the continued correction of the health prevention and control strategy with the support of state-of-the-art technology.

Among other issues, Aylward suggested increasing investments to expand hospital admission capacity, payroll, ventilation and the search for an effective vaccine.

While his Chinese counterpart, Liang Wannian, denied a significant mutation in Covid-19, he cited bats as the original source, pangolin as the intermediary that passed it on to humans, and respiratory secretions and close contact as the main routes of transmission.

He mentioned individuals over 51 years of age as the most vulnerable to the condition, but indicated that all population groups should be cared for because there are cases from newborns to nonagenarians.

'Self-protection, isolation, observation and treatment are more effective than drugs and any vaccine against the virus,' said the also a member of China's National Health Commission, although he expressed concern about the proliferation of cases in families.

The purpose of the international mission is to offer suggestions for further steps in the prevention and control of the outbreak here and in other nations around the world.

COVID-19, the name of the new coronavirus, was thought to have passed from animals to humans. However, the South China Morning Post reported that Chinese scientists are now saying the virus did not originate in a Wuhan seafood market. At that market, live animals were sold, and the first case in China was reported to have links to that market.


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