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JAMAICA | PNP wants travel ban from countries where mutated virus detected

Featured Shadow Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Morais Guy, MP Shadow Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Morais Guy, MP
KINGSTON, Jamaica, December 22, 2020: While Peoples National Party Shadow Minister of Health and Wellness  Dr Morais Guy  has  supported the government's ban on travel from the United Kingdom (UK), he wants more done to safeguard the Jamaican population from the possible risk of infection from the mutated virus.

Dr Guy, in a statement said scientific data had confirmed that the same coronavirus variant, which is responsible for the lockdown in the UK and prompted the widespread travel restrictions, had been detected in the Netherlands, South Africa, Denmark, and at least one case in Australia.  

As a result, nationals from these countries have been placed under travel restrictions by several European countries as a precautionary step.

The Shadow Minister said the protection of the Jamaican population should be paramount and is urging the Administration to adopt a more robust plan to guarantee the safety of our citizens. 

Dr Guy, PNP MP for central St. Mary, said the travel ban on the UK is a necessary step but more needs to be done to close all the possibilities of exposure to the new variant strain of the coronavirus.  

He is calling on the Government of Jamaica (GoJ) to follow the lead of other countries and immediately impose travel restrictions on the nationals of those countries where the mutated virus has already been detected.

The Shadow Minister is further calling on the government to tell the country whether the level of cooperation and sharing of information with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and other international partners have revealed any different strain of the coronavirus within the Jamaican population.

The Opposition Spokesman said he had taken note of the assessment of multiple experts in the epidemiology of viruses which have warned that the new variation is a real cause for concern, and they have collectively urged governments to take urgent action. They have further stated that there should be no part of the world that should not be concerned.

“We must now practice what we preach and ensure that the protocols are being adhered to at our ports of entry, including the mandatory quarantine regiment and contact tracing, when necessary,” Dr Guy said.

Dr Guy reiterated that the PNP would hold the government accountable for the entry of the new strain of the virus into Jamaica.


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