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JAMAICA | Dr. Guy wants transparency in the release of COVID-19 Information

  • Written by Calvin G Brown - wiredja.com
  • Published in Health
Shadow Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Morais Guy. Shadow Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Morais Guy.
KINGSTON, JAMAICA, June 8, 2020: Dr. Morais Guy, M.P., Shadow Minister of Health and Wellness is calling for an explanation from the government as to why it is delaying the release of the COVID-19 test results, thereby causing confusion in daily updates from the Ministry.  He said the recent release of the COVID-19 information points to glaring discrepancies in the timing and availability of the results.

“We have expressed this concern before that the number of cases being reported, are not matching up with the number of tests being published daily, and as a result, the positives, negatives and pending are not balancing with the total tests. 

“Our concerns have heightened on account of the discrepancies contained in the release of information in the most recent cases,” Dr. Guy said. 

Dr. Guy, who has been tracking and studying the releases, said yesterday’s report included one case at the Alorica workplace cluster in St Catherine, where tests were conducted over a month ago. This begs the question, “is there a new outbreak at Alorica and if not why are Alorica cases just being reported when test results are available 48 hours after they were conducted?” Dr. Guy said.

 Last week, there were at least two other cases from the same Alorica workplace cluster that was tested over a month before. 

Dr. Guy said unless the case reported Sunday, and those from last week were from new infections; the country would be left to speculate as to the reasons why they are only now being reported. 

In the case of the Adventure of the Seas, it departed from the port of Falmouth last month after disembarking all Jamaican crew workers who languished at sea for weeks before being permitted to come home. 

Up to Friday, June 5, 2020, two weeks after Jamaican workers disembarked the Adventure of the Seas, new cases are being reported from those ship workers.  Dr. Guy said this was well after Jamaica was told that all ship workers were tested, and the results would have been available within 24 - 48 hours. 

Why is it that two weeks later, we are being told that results are coming from the Adventure of the Seas’ workers?” Dr. Guy asks. 

He said the government needs to tell the nation exactly how many samples have been taken, and how many are left to be tested and how many results are still outstanding. During this protracted delay in providing the results, were the workers still quarantined and monitored? 

The Shadow Minister said it is alarming, and of grave concern that the government may just be releasing the numbers of positive tests to suit an agenda instead of giving the nation the full truth. 

The Shadow Minister said the nation must be able to trust the numbers being reported, especially as we are about to reopen the borders to international visitors with no testing protocol in place. 


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