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COVID-19 UPDATE | Most of Cuba's COVID-19 deaths have been men

  • Written by CARICOM
  • Published in Health
Featured  Cuba's Director of Epidemiology, Dr. Francisco Durán Cuba's Director of Epidemiology, Dr. Francisco Durán
Havana, April 23  Cuba's Ministry of Public Health on Thursday said men accounted for 67.5 percent of the 43 killed by Covid-19 in Cuba. Thus the lethality due to this disease, which is caused by the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, is greater in men.

According to the doctor, the deaths were associated with other diseases that unfortunately lead to death, despite the protocols established in the corresponding treatments.

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health today reported 46 new positive cases with Covid-19 for a total amount of 1,235, while in all 43 have died and 365 recovered.

Director of Epidemiology, Dr. Francisco Durán said of the new positive cases 21 are women and 25 men, 40 were contacts of previously confirmed cases, and the source of infection of the remaining six has not yet been specified.

Until yesterday, the doctor said, 3.359 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical-epidemiological surveillance, and another 5.681 people are monitored in their homes, from the Primary Health Care.

On the other hand, Dr. Durán stressed that of the patients diagnosed with the disease, 811 present stable clinical evolution, there are 365 recoveries, two evacuated to their countries of origin, 10 in critical condition and four serious.

Of the 1.235 positive cases so far, the doctor specified that 626 (50.7 percent) is women, and the proportion between both sexes is almost the same.

 In the meantime, while the Jamaican government continues to fight valiantly in its bid to keep the number of positive cases of the Novel Corona virus to a minimum, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Jamaica has soared to 252 as at Wednesday April 22.

There are now one hundred and thirty-one (131) confirmed COVID-19 cases related to a BPO workplace cluster. Their ages range from 18 to 52 years. They include 104 females and 27 males. Thy are primarily from the parishes of St Catherine and Kingston and St. Andrew.

The St. Catherine Health Department is monitoring the situation. A total of 647 employees have been tested and they are currently following over 500 close contacts of confirmed cases linked to the workplace cluster.

There are now 34 imported cases, 53 cases are contacts of confirmed cases, 8 are local transmission cases not epidemiologically-linked and 148 are under investigation. Of those that are under investigation, 131 cases are connected to the workplace cluster. Some 91 (37%) confirmed cases are male and 152 (63%) are female, while the age of all confirmed cases range from 2 to 87 years.

The health departments across the island are currently tracing approximately 1,409 close contacts of the confirmed cases.

Trinidad and Tobago has reported the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 119 with eight deaths and 41 recovered. On Thursday, the Health Ministry said three patients from the Sangre Grande step-down facility and one from the Home of Football Wellness Centre in Couva were discharged on Wednesday night.

No new tests have been sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), with the total remaining at 1,454. From that total, 234 were repeated tests.

There are 23 hospitalised patients, none of whom are in the High-Dependency Unit or the Intensive Care Unit. All 23 patients are at the Couva Hospital and are not bedridden.

In Barbados, the total number of positive cases is 76, with 39 females and 37 males in ages ranging from ages seven to 95. Barbados has recorded its sixth death to COVID-19.   

The total number of tests conducted by the laboratory since February 11, now stands at 1,162. Two persons will also be released from isolation today after they tested negative twice within a 48-hour period.  To date, 27 persons have recovered. There are now 43 persons in isolation. 

Over in Grenada, the National Covid-19 Response Coordinator Dr George Mitchel, has announced that there are now 15 confirmed cases of Covid-19 on mainland Grenada. “We therefore, have 14 confirmed cases on Island, of which 7 have been medically cleared, 6 are active, and of course, one is new,” he said.

Until now, all confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Grenada have been imported or import-related. This current individual in question, has no travel history and currently, officials are yet to determine whether he has been in contact with any of the previously confirmed cases.

“To date, we have conducted over 600 rapid tests, with a view to testing 1% of our population by the end of this week. (This represents approximately one thousand people). So far, they have all returned negative results; and while the rapid tests are not conclusive, as we explained, they are a very good indication of an individual’s exposure to the virus. None of the individuals tested is exhibiting any symptoms, Dr. Mitchell said.

Guyana's  Ministry of Public Health has confirmed that the total number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Guyana stands at 67 as of April 21, 2020.

Of these 67 cases there have been seven deaths and nine recoveries To date, a total of 348 persons have been tested with 281 of those testing negative. Seventeen persons remain in institutional quarantine while 51 others are in isolation.  Three persons are housed in the COVID-19 ICU at the Guyana Public Hospital, GPHC.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, there are 13 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus with no deaths and 3 recovered.

St Lucia's Chief Medical Officer Dr Sharon Belmar-George has announced that as of April 22, Saint Lucia has a total of 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

"To date, all of the positive cases of COVID-19 in Saint Lucia have recovered, with the remaining two cases who were in isolation receiving negative COVID-19 test results and since discharged from hospital,” says Dr. Belmar-George.

The Other countries affected in the  region include the  Dominican Republic (4,964), Haiti (47), Dominica (16), Antigua and Barbuda (23), Bahamas (60), Guadeloupe (148), Martinique (163), Puerto Rico (1,252), US Virgin Islands (53), and Cayman Islands (61).




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