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The validity of the vote is linked to the sanctity of Guyana’s Independence.

  • Written by Roxane Burnham Van West-Charles
  • Published in Opinion
GEORGETOWN, June 27, 2020- I received an Open Letter in the link above from one Robin Singh via Priya Manickchand as a rebuttal to my letter re the interference by Prime Minister Mia Mottley in the Sovereign and Independent procedures of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.
Roxane Burnham VanWest Charles 270
Roxane Burnham Van West-Charles

The author sought to involve my Father Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and at the same time sought to belittle my father who has served and sacrificed for this country, the Caribbean, Southern Africa, and collaborated with Pierre Trudeau, Indira Gandhi, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Julius Nyerere among many other world leaders.. Nothing you or anyone can do or say can diminish his stature.

In your letter you did indicate that my action was an exercise in boldness. No, it was an exercise of my independent right which had been taught to me by my father. For him, and for many of us our independence is sacred. The validity of the vote is linked to the sanctity of Guyana’s Independence.

Unlike you, I have lived through the 60’s when my father had to send me to Codrington College in Barbados after I escaped an attempt on my life. I have lived through the threats, and from then, on to now “MY Black Life MATTERS”. Isn’t it strange that in the year 2020, I am reliving exactly what happened to me in the attack on the school bus with innocent children in West Coast Berbice and for all of us the global slogan Black Lives Matter/All lives Matter is of critical importance in a multiethnic Guyana formed from the amalgam my father spoke about.

Yet that is a known fact, and the deafening silence from Ms Mottley, Dr Gonsalves, Mr Owen Arthur, and all of the other violators of our democracy and the DIPLOMATIC Representatives, did not go unnoticed. That truth hurts when Ms. Mottley was happy to know that our black children were attacked. What a shame? As a mother, that truth did hurt me, are we suppose to teach the next generation of children that bribery, corruption thievery, and even violence, are the new “Tools of Success”? I think not!!!!

The importance of the validity of the vote is in direct relationship to the fair and credible outcome of the elections and for Ms. Mottley that is the truth, and that truth never hurts. Mr Singh you have sought to make reference to my husband of 45 years and his role within the APNU/AFC Coalition. Well young man he and his staff have done an excellent job at a little place called “GWI”, please feel free to check. In relation to the fuel business you so glibly mentioned “Let me be clear, that business is Legitimate.”

You made reference to the old allegation of rigging but what is clear today, is that there is the indisputable evidence of the death certificates of those who voted across the country ; there is evidence of those who were out of Guyana and who voted while living abroad together with a host of irregularities. That is the TRUTH, that should not hurt. It is strange that you or Ms Mottley cannot appreciate the difference between Valid votes and Invalid Votes as stated by the Court of Appeal of Independent Guyana.

The validity of the vote means so much to me and I stand with President Granger to go forth so that our Motto of One People, One Nation . One Destiny will be a reality, you are free to stand where you please, just defend it as such.

“Truth shall be our martial weapon, Brotherhood our armour plate. Onward to victory.”

Roxane Burnham Van West-Charles

  • Countries: Guyana