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GUYANA | Burke seeks Nancy Pelosi's Intervention into Pompeo's Guyana Sanctions

  • Written by Calvin G Brown - wiredja.com
  • Published in Opinion
Guyana's Parliament Building Guyana's Parliament Building
MONTEGO BAY,  July 16, 2020 - President of the Caribbean Institute for Democracy in Brooklyn, New York, Rickford Burke, has written to Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, complaining about the sanctions imposed by the US Government against the government of Guyana and calling on the Granger administration to step down, despite the fact that the matter is still before the country’s Supreme Court.

While noting that the matter is again before the courts in Guyana Burke points out that Guyana is not only a functioning democracy but also a friend of the United States with an effective and independent judiciary which has enriched its democracy.

Rather than being a bully, Burke says the US must play a role in helping to seek a resolution through the judicial process and let the rule of law prevail.

Burke is inviting Pelosi's intervention , along with the Congressional Black Caucus into the four-month long election dispute in Guyana.

The following is the full text of Burke’s letter to Nancy Pelosi:

July 15, 2020
Hon. Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Office or the Speaker
United States Capital First Street, Washington DC 20004

Dear Speaker Pelosi:  Earlier today, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo interfered yet again in Guyana's elections. While a constitutional challenge that Is subjudice before the Guyana Supreme Court was being heard by the Chief Justice,  Secretary Pompeo announced visa restrictions on members or the APNU+AFC coalition Government or Guyana, and their families, and called on the government step down. The secretary’s intervention lacks basis and is in contravention of international law.

Guyana is the seat of CARICOM and its democracy has great effect on the Caribbean region. Guyana's Coalition Government is a democratically elected government that was freely elected in 2015. The Secretary's actions appear to be guided by misinformation being transmitted to Washington.

The impetuous US policy of regime change is intended to foist on the Guyanese nation, through alleged fraudulent ballots, another opposition People's Progressive Party (PPP) government. This has been the agenda of certain lobbyists, private interests and administration officials. to control Guyana's nascent oil and gas sector.

No results have been declared for Guyana's March 2, 2020 general electrons due to multiple legal challenges. A recount of votes cast show that the PPP purportedly has fifteen-thousand more votes than the ruling APNU+AFC coalition. However, Guyana's Chief Elections Officer reported that the PPP has over thirty-two thousand fraudulent ballots, which were obtained through voter impersonation of dead people and persons who migrated and were nor present In Guyana on election-day. An impasse has arisen about whether the fraudulent votes should be counted. The Slate Department and its allies are demanding that the fraudulent votes be counted, which would give PPP a victory.

Rickford Burke 460
Chair of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy Rickford Burke

The elections in Guyana were conducted under Article 106 (7) of the Guyana constitution which mandates that the government shall only leave office when a new President is sworn in. No election results have been declared.

Consequently, no President has been sworn in. Guyanese are therefore flummoxed at this seemingly partisan and baseless demand by the secretary. Secretary Pompeo's bellicose rhetoric and arbitrary ultimatums are the antithesis of American democratic values. The fiats emanating from the State Department are reminiscent of paternalistic commands in the cotton picking era. They are inflaming passions and exacerbating tensions in Guyana which can lead to civil unrest.

The opposition PPP Is an extremist Communist party that is the most viciously racist. brutally oppressive anti-black political organization in the Western Hemisphere.

 The PPP governed Guyana from 1992 to 2015. During this period, they transformed Guyana into a narco-state and ruthless, communist ethnocracy. They formed death squads which slaughtered over fourteen hundred (1,400} black political opponents, journalists and activists through extra judicial killings, murders and political assassinations. There has been no justice for this genocide.

The current PPP leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is a defendant in a murder case before the Inter American Human Rights Commission. CGID calls on Congress to impose sanctions   on Jagdeo and his cohorts who are responsible for these killings.

Guyana 's previous PPP regime has been cited by Transparency International as one of the most corrupt governments in the world. International Financial institutions’ estimate that they allegedly, stole billions of US dollars from the Guyanese treasury.

Their current presidential candidate, lrfaan Ali, has 19 criminal charges for a $270 million fraud for which he is currently being prosecuted in the criminal court. The US State department is advocating for the Guyana Elections commission to fraudulently declare the elections results in favour of an individual with 19 criminal charges.

Under the former PPP regime, PPP officials   leaked information on the US DEA operations in Guyana to drug dealers who in turn threatened to kill US DEA agents. Consequently, the entire DEA operation had to be extracted from Guyana.

The PPP has a history of Imprisoning political opponents, trampling on free speech and suppressing freedom of the press. Their previous government tied a noose of subjugation around the necks or African Guyanese and shut them out from justice and economic survival. This is the criminal organization that the US State Department is attempting to force on the Guyanese nation, through fraudulent ballots.  If this happens, Guyana will instantly be re-established as a narco-state, the consequence of which will quickly become deleterious to Guyana 's stability and that of the entire Caribbean.

The US government cannot arrogate to itself the mandate of Guyana's electorate and judiciary. This matter is before the court. Guyana Is a functioning democracy and a friend of the US with an effective and independent judiciary. This has enriched its democracy. Rather than being a bully, the US must therefore, play a role in helping to seek a resolution through the judicial process and let the rule of law prevail.

The Caribbean Guyana institute for Democracy therefore Invites you, Madan, Speaker, to intervene in this matter, along with the congressional Black Caucus, to avert a course of action which can potentially lead to the destabilization of Guyana and the Caribbean region.

Yours sincerely,

Rickford Burke, President


Hon. Charles Schumer, Senator Minority Leader
Hon. Kirsten Gillibrand US Senator from New York
Hon. Kamala Harris. US Senator from California
Hon. Corey Booker US Senator from New Jersey
Hon. Bob Menendez. US Senator from New Jersey
Hon. Hakeem Jefferies, Chair of the House Democratic Caucus
Hon. Karen Bass. Chair of the congressional Black Caucus
Hon. Yvette Clarke, Chair of The Congressional Caribbean Caucus
Hon. Gregory Meeks, US Congressman from New York

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