China's Silk Road to Montego Bay, “Turn Them Back” ! says O Dave Allen

China's Silk Road to Montego Bay, “Turn Them Back” !  says O Dave Allen

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, January 25, 2022 - We the Jamaican people are at risk of becoming slaves again. We are a country with   95% black people. It’s a fact that the majority of the black population is at the bottom of the economic pyramid while the 5% at the apex are the minorities who control the economy. We all know that the economy is the superstructure that determines everything else, we also know that those who control the economy rules the country. It is time for majority rule.

The writer, O. Dave Allen is a community activist and political commentator.The writer, O. Dave Allen is a community activist and political commentator.Last year alone we murdered over 1,200 black breeding age men and 18,000 of our educated, skilled highly motivated citizens of child-bearing age  migrated. STATIN has informed us that last year there was a decrease in our population growth, which is in effect a decrease in the growth rate of black skinned Jamaicans. What is interesting is that there is an exponential growth in the Asian population, which has serious implications for the demography and the survival of the Jamaican black indigenous culture.

When the Chinese were commandeering the local retail and distributive business, it was of little concern to the traditional moneyed class.  Their long held sense of security is now threatened by the fact that the Chinese have cornered the retail business and have accumulated untold millions, buttressed by unaccountable billions of dollars of dubious origin with an insatiable and avaricious appetite of the tiger spreading their tentacles devouring  all that is in its path.

There is an insidious war that is being waged by the Chinese business interest that will undermine all and every local Jamaican business. We are not here dealing with the compliant Chinese shopkeepers of yesteryears; but a contrived network, led by the Chinese State to dominate and control the Jamaica economy with Montego Bay as the entry point, bolstered by the powerful Association of Chinese Enterprises in Jamaica (ACEJ), a non-profit organization. 

This mega conglomerate is akin to the Dutch East India Company (The Dutch East India Company historically a military-political-economic complex rather than a pure trading or shipping company).

Former Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis on a trip to China along with Councillor Dwight CrawfordFormer Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis on a trip to China along with Councillor Dwight CrawfordThe ACEJ conglomerate includes China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), Huawei Technologies Jamaica Company Limited and JISCO Alpart Jamaica are among the group of companies and enterprises engaged in manufacturing, agriculture, mining, telecommunications, construction, healthcare, commerce, import and export trade, among other business activities across the island. 

Can you imagine the consequences when the Chinese would have established their own bank and  formal financial intermediaries?

Recently China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), was awarded the Government of Jamaica funded US$274.5-million Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project, which includes the rehabilitation of Barnett Street and West Green Avenue, as well as the construction of the Long Hill bypass and a drainage study of the Montego Bay bypass area is also to be conducted under the project.

This catalysis project strengthens the presence of the Chinese in Jamaica and serves as beachhead in Montego Bay to supplant the hegemony of the United States of America in Jamaica and make a mockery of the Monroe Doctrine as they pursue endless war at distant shores.

The Montego Bay perimeter road is funded by the Jamaican taxpayers and as such there is no justifiable reason why this contract should have been awarded to any overseas contractors.

The government has a duty not only to provide physical infrastructure but also to effectively use our taxpayer’s money to build our social capital and to strengthen the capacity of our human resource. 

We have developers, engineers, contractors and consultants with more than adequate competencies to develop the Montego Bay Development Road.  Our local professionals have demonstrated the capacity to execute and manage major projects as exemplified by the work carried out by Jamaican professionals on the Northern Coastal Highway. 

Then Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Homer Davis stroll with friends in ChinaThen Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Homer Davis stroll with friends in ChinaIt was the same CHEC that carried out the road realignment and reconstruction project in Kingston and St. Andrew and its performance was not a stellar one, as some would have us believe. There was glaring muddling during the construction, including inordinate delays to include the flooding of Constant Spring Road, Hagley Park Road and Portia Simpson Square causing displacement and confusion and the collapse of a section of  Marcus Garvey Road. The chaos, muddling and flooding left local companies to do the corrective measures to complete the shoddy work carried out by the contractors.

In the recent Andrew Holness cabinet reshuffle the Hon. Homer Davis was appointed to head the Office of the Prime Minister West. This is no accident, but a strategic move to ensure the orderly integration of the Chinese into western Jamaica.

Minister Davis and Former Mayor of the City of Montego Bay enjoys more than cordial relationship with the Montego Bay Chinese community with numerous visits to China during his tenure in office.  With the support of the Chinese Dr. Horace Chang remains the most powerful member of the Holness’ Cabinet.  

While Bishop O’Neil Russell, and others may be disappointed in the reappointment of Dr. Horace Chang as Minister of National Security, they missed the bigger picture that Chang has consolidated his power base with the appointment of his Deputy General Secretary and his protégé Homer Davis as head of OPM West and the ostensible Emissary of the Chinese community, the new power base in Montego Bay.

To those who sing praises of Homer’s appointment, are living in a fool’s paradise. It is not about you, it is about the Chinese work permits and citizenship, building approvals, the clearance of their goods at the wharf and importantly their security. Homer Davis as a conduit who will ensure that the JLP is fully funded to win the next elections.

Development along the Montego Bay waterfront Development along the Montego Bay waterfront The construction crane on the waterfront echo’s the revival of the Montego Bay Downtown Waterfront District, a symbol of prosperity; growth and development that will soon be in full use to displace those who are comfortable in their privilege.

There will be a seismic shift in business activities back to the old city of Montego Bay. This regeneration started with Harmony Park, the building out of the downtown Montego Bay Waterfront District and soon the regentrification of the urban centre. 

Finally, Who gave the Chinese the permit to dump the wetland and mangrove swamp at Reading to construct the multi story, multi family, high end, Chinese enclave. According to the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation the “project will open new areas to the south of Montego Bay for development and expansion, giving access to lands for housing development.”

But will our local developers; Gore, Moe, Azan, WICHON be beneficiaries of the development opportunities.

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