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JAMAICA | Phillips tells new shadow cabinet: Be Prepared

  • Written by wiredja.com - Calvin G. Brown
  • Published in Politics
Featured Peoples National Party President and Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips Peoples National Party President and Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips
Kingston, Jamaica, October 10, 2019: Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips  has urged members of the new Shadow Cabinet to use the next three months to refine and finalise their policy positions and programmes to be implemented by the next People’s National Party (PNP) administration.

Delivering the charge to the new Shadow Cabinet at its first meeting, yesterday, Dr. Phillips urged the members to quickly settle the membership of their task forces to prepare and accelerate the plans to be implemented by Ministries, Departments, and Agencies after the next elections.

He said the People’s National Party (PNP) would be ready by January 1, 2020, for national elections and as a result, it was important for the Shadow Ministers, the Party’s Policy Commission, the Covenant Team and the Manifesto Committee, under Vice President Damion, to be prepared by completing the policies and programmes by such time.

He said he would be meeting the Sector teams over the coming weeks as part of the preparatory work. “The Economic and Production Ministries, including Finance, Industry, Agriculture as well as Mining and Energy will be first areas, to be followed by Land, Education, Environment and Infrastructure”, he said.

There would also be consultations with the people through Town Hall meetings, to be organized by the Covenant Team.

Dr. Phillips said, there was no good economic news to come in the short term due to the effects of the closure of the Jiquan Steel Alpart Alumina Plant and the prolonged drought on Agriculture.

He said although the Prime Minister may return from Asia with a bag of goodies, it would not immediately put money in the pockets of suffering Jamaicans.

The Opposition Leader told the Shadow Cabinet that it would operate on the principle of collective responsibility and members should be aware than anyone who speaks is speaking for all. He urged the group to present a better image than the present cabinet of the government.

The Shadow Cabinet will meet twice monthly.


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