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JAMAICA | Phillips hails newly elected PNP President Mark Golding

  • Written by Wiredja.com- Calvin G. Brown
  • Published in Politics
Featured Newly elected PNP President, Mark Golding Newly elected PNP President, Mark Golding
KINGSTON, Jamaica, November 7, 2020: Outgoing president of the People’s National Party (PNP) Dr Peter Phillips has congratulated Mark Golding who was on Saturday elected  president of the Peoples National Party over Lisa Hanna.

Dr. Phillips has urged the Party, including all members, affiliates and supporters, to unite in full support of the leader as the organisation embarks on the task of charting the way forward in keeping with the traditions of progressive politics and the need to strengthen the PNP’s electoral appeal.

Golding Hanna result 350Golding's 296 margin of victory, 1,740 to Hanna's 1,444 is being touted as the biggest margin of victory in a PNP presidential election in recent time.

In a tweet, Golding thanked his supporters: "Comrades, Delegates, Friends thank you for your vote and your confidence in me.

Tomorrow we start the rebuilding of a unified, stronger and purposeful Peoples National Party! I couldn’t have done this without you and I don’t plan to move forward without you either! "

He told the media at PNP Headquarters following his win, that he is ready to take on a bold new era in the 82-year-old organisation and the work begins tomorrow.

 He thanked his contender Lisa Hanna noting that said she had made commitments in her St Ann South Eastern constituency and he regretted that she was not there with him as he would have asked her to take a seat with him at the head table.

 However he noted that “This party will be a big tent for all of us. I am ready to sit down with you and your team to share our vision for the People’s National Party,”

The delegates have made their mark for a new leader who has a proven track record of delivering results and a leader who is not divisive and who is inclusive,” said Golding.

He said in this new era, the world is different from what it was a year ago.

“Indeed, the world is different from what we knew it to be 24 hours ago,” said Golding before congratulating US president-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris on their victory in the United States election.


Last modified onSunday, 08 November 2020 12:10
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