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HAITI | Opponents call for general mobilization in Haiti

Leader of the Haitian Pitit Dessalines party, Moise Jean-Charles Leader of the Haitian Pitit Dessalines party, Moise Jean-Charles
Port-au-Prince, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the Haitian Pitit Dessalines party, Moise Jean-Charles, called on Monday for a general mobilization starting upcoming Sunday to force the head of State to respect the constitutional term.

Jean-Charles has a large number of supporters in northern Haiti, and so far seemed distanced from the opposition fringes in the capital, which promoted the recent anti-government rallies.

In a speech on Monday, the former presidential candidate called for a two-year transitional administration with a head of Government and 13 ministers.

Since mid-2020, opponents have been demanding that President Jovenel Moise respect constitutional deadlines and leave office upcoming February. In the last week they launched a calendar of anti-government protests; however, the police scattered the supporters with tear gas and gunfire.

Moise again rejected on Monday an eventual transition, and reiterated that his mandate ends in 2022, although he said he is willing to dialogue with hostile forces.

The president also warned that both the Police and the Ministry of Justice have clear instructions to guarantee the security of people and their property in the face of the announced political disturbances.

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