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GUYANA VOTES | 'Facts' unveiled in recount points to electoral fraud- Aubrey Norton

  • Written by Calvin G Brown - wiredja.com
  • Published in Politics
Featured GUYANA VOTES | 'Facts' unveiled in recount points to electoral fraud- Aubrey Norton
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, May 30, 2020 - Missing Oaths of Identity; missing Certificates of Employment; missing poll books; stuffed ballot boxes and unstamped ballots are among  the evidence of APNU+AFC counting agent Aubrey Norton’s claim that electoral fraud occurred during the March 2 General and Regional Elections.

Addressing members of the media yesterday, Norton said as the recount process continues, there are facts to confirm that there was indeed electoral fraud.

“We have seen from this process many ballots that were not stamped and those votes were for the APNU+AFC, therefore indicative of fraud. We have seen missing Oaths of Identity, that is a fact that this process has confirmed. We have seen APNU+AFC ballots found in PPP envelopes; this has been confirmed by this process. We have seen missing Certificates of Employment; this has been confirmed by this process,” Norton underscored.

He also pointed to the fact that it was discovered that in some boxes there were more ballots than electors on the list.

The Coalition has also brought, to the attention of the Guyana elections Commission (GECOM) the fact that of 699 ballot boxes, 284 polling books were missing and many seals on ballot boxes were broken.

Norton said the Coalition has also provided information to GECOM concerning persons who have “migrated but voted on elections day.”

“We have sent the first batch of 600 to GECOM and we are reliably informed that Immigration has confirmed more than 90 percent of them that were ticked off [the voters’ list], were out of the jurisdiction according to their records,” he stated.

Similar information for those who have died was provided to GECOM and awaiting confirmation.

Among other anomalies highlighted by Norton was the issue of voting without identity.

The APNU+AFC counting agent said it was discovered that in district nine there are no oaths of identity provided for the votes of several persons. “In box 9040 in Tabathinga Nursery, 18 persons voted with no identification and there are no oaths of identity to support same,” Norton stated.

This, he said continues to be a reoccurring factor in district nine specifically, a region won by the Opposition. There have also been instances in districts seven and eight.

Norton said that he expects that GECOM will look at the report and take appropriate action into matters that continue to reoccur during the recount process.

At  the end of Friday’s recount, 82 ballot boxes were reviewed bringing to 1,555  the number of ballot boxes recounted with 784 remaining.

25 ballot boxes were recounted at the four workstations for Region Four and 25 for Region Six. Region Eight saw eight ballot boxes completed  while Regions Nine and Ten saw the completion of 11 and 13 ballot boxes respectively.

1,521 Statements of Recount (SOR) were tabulated for the General  Elections, and 1, 491 for the Regional.

As the national recount moves towards the end, government counting agents  continue to unearth mounting anomalies, which, APNU+AFC counting agent Aubrey Norton said, are clear instances of electoral fraud.

The government has already commenced providing evidence to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on all its objections to those fraudulent cases. The evidence will guide the commission in its deliberation towards the final credible results.


Last modified onSaturday, 30 May 2020 10:10
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