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JAMAICA | US Envoy to Jamaica Donald Tapia apologises for tweets

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Featured United States Ambassador to Jamaica Donald Tapia United States Ambassador to Jamaica Donald Tapia
KINGSTON, October 30, 2020 – It wasn't me, but I take full responsibility says United States Ambassador to Jamaica Donald Tapia as he apologized to Jamaican twitter handlers for controversial tweets made via  his Twitter account which prompted calls for him to be withdrawn for his undiplomatic conduct.

The tweets which he told Nationwide News’ Cliff Hughes, were not made by him, prompted a phone call between himself and Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith after a public outcry condemning the US Ambassador for his disrespect to the Jamaican people and government.

Speaking on Cliff Hughes online, Tapia said: “I can only tell you that eh, to the people that was involved in the twitter…. I have to apologise to them, to say that they should not,  eh,…the way that I react, I’ve always said that, yu know I’m here as your guest, and guest don’t talk or act in that, in that manner. I stand by that today as I did the day that I arrived here,” Tapia insisted.

Tapia told Hughes that although he did not make those tweets, however, he took full responsibility for them and the person who brought him into disrepute as a diplomat “will be leaving shortly as he will be rotated out of the embassy..”

Johnson-Smith, in a Twitter post yesterday, said she spoke with Tapia, who acknowledged that the engagement was not appropriate.

“I am aware of certain inappropriate tweets made from the twitter account of the US Ambassador which have been deleted. I have spoken with the Ambassador and he is aware that the engagement was not appropriate for a diplomatic representative. He assured me that it will not recur,” Johnson-Smith said.

The exchange, which has since been deleted, occurred after the ambassador posted links to local media interviews, in which he warned the Jamaican government against installing fifth-generation (5G) mobile technology made by Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE.

The US government has long held the view that the technology used by Huawei can be used to spy on users, although that claim has been denied repeatedly by the Chinese firm.

Tapia was confirmed as the U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica on July 18, 2019.  He started his career at General Electric and worked for a number of electrical sales companies before moving to the company that became Electrical Surplus Sales Company (ESSCO). 

Known for his philanthropic generosity, donating millions to various charities, Tapia is a big Donald Trump supporter, a big contributor to Trump’s political efforts and a large donor to the Republican Party.


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