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JAMAICA | Society slipping further into criminal abyss says Fitz Jackson

  • Written by Calvin G. Brown - Wiredja.com
  • Published in local news
Featured PNP Shadow Minister of National Security Mr. Fitz Jackson PNP Shadow Minister of National Security Mr. Fitz Jackson
KINGSTON, JAMAICA, July 26, 2020: PNP Shadow Minister of National Security Mr. Fitz Jackson, says the murder of accountant Steven McPherson while he was trying to protect his daughter from abductors is heartbreaking and has added yet another repulsive stain on the social fabric of our society. He said Mr. McPherson paid the ultimate sacrifice as a father to save the dignity of his daughter.

The Shadow Minister said this incident has again underscored the urgent need for the government to develop a plan to curb the raging criminality that has engulfed the nation as it slips further into the criminal abyss.

"No one is safe; neither the citizens nor the police, who are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the nation from the criminal monsters who killed Mr. McPherson because they wanted to violate his daughter sexually," Mr. Jackson stated. 

He said that data from police sources show that in the 48 hours between Wednesday evening and Friday night, thirteen persons have been murdered, while much of the country is under the States of Emergency (SoEs).  Of the thirteen murders, nine occurred in communities under the States of Emergency.

The Shadow Minister said the Andrew Holness-led administration's dependency on SoE has left communities wide open to criminal attacks as security forces personnel are stretched thin beyond their capabilities in too many make-shift posts. "What the SoE has done is to lock the security forces into a static position while allowing criminals the space to roam the communities, at will. We cannot protect our people this way," Mr. Jackson said.

He said Mr. McPherson showed his heroism to protect his child but failed in his effort because the criminals have no fear of the state.

Mr. Jackson said sadly, "The attack on a police party last month in Horizon Park, resulted in three lawmen dead and two more seriously injured. This week another attack on the security forces on Constant Spring Road resulted in two more lawmen being wounded. It is time we take back the initiative from the criminal elements and make them unsafe," Mr. Jackson said.

Mr. Jackson has made another appeal for the police to be correctly outfitted with protective gear and other necessary resources to ensure that they can efficiently and effectively respond to any challenges posed by criminals to the state.

"Criminals must not be allowed room to attack any Jamaican without an immediate response to their actions. We cannot continue to lose our law-abiding and innocent citizens, like McPherson to the wiles of criminals," he lamented. 

The Shadow Minister has offered condolences, on behalf of the Parliamentary Opposition to the McPherson family on the tragic loss of Steven; and to all the other families who are mourning loved ones because of criminal violence.



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