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JAMAICA | Opposition wants INDECOM to investigate Sexual Harassment allegations in JDF

  • Written by wiredja.com news team
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Featured PNP’s Spokesperson on Justice and Gender Affairs Senator Donna Scott-Mottley PNP’s Spokesperson on Justice and Gender Affairs Senator Donna Scott-Mottley
KINGSTON, Jamaica, January 18, 2021: The People’s National Party  is calling on INDECOM to immediately initiate an investigation into the allegations made in Sunday’s Observer article “Sex mix-up at JDF” regarding sexual misconduct and abuse of power within the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

The case generates significant concern around how allegations of sexual harassment of female soldiers are managed by the JDF and in particular, how The Defence Act is manipulated to punish women who speak out against harassment. 

According to the report, after ending a sexual relationship with a male JDF officer, a female soldier was given ‘bad duty’ and eventually charged under sections 75 and 46 of The Defence Act, and sentenced to 14 days in military detention. Up to the time of this release, there is no information to suggest that the male officer was punished for his involvement with the female soldier. The discrepancies in their treatment would be discriminatory and a reflection of the chauvinism typical of many military organizations worldwide. 

Senator Donna Scott-Mottley, the PNP’s Spokesperson on Justice and Gender Affairs, is appalled at the apparent sexist approach to discipline and order within the Force. She said, “It is totally unacceptable that two parties engage in the same act of misconduct, and the female with the lower rank is punished, while the male enjoys protection by virtue of his officer rank. This is intolerable at any time and worse now in the age of ‘me too’. Our women must be assured of protection under the law.” 

Shadow Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting said, “The ‘no comment’ from the JDF’s Media Officer is completely unacceptable  and inconsistent with modern standards of transparency and accountability in governance. The military is accustomed to a culture of self-governance, but they are certainly not entitled to abuse any citizen nor the public’s trust. 

The creation of INDECOM in 2010 signaled a new paradigm in the oversight and independent investigation of abuses of the human rights of citizens by the security forces.  A female soldier is guaranteed the same rights as every citizen under the Constitution of Jamaica and the Defence Act does not supersede the Constitution.”

It is crucial that this specific investigation be expedited, as well as a wider enquiry into the alleged culture of discrimination against female soldiers that allegedly exists in the JDF.



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