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JAMAICA | Norman Horne ineligible to sit in Jamaica Parliament?

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Featured Former Treasurer of the Proples National Party Norman Horne Former Treasurer of the Proples National Party Norman Horne
KINGSTON, Jamaica, December 8, 2020: Nationwide News is reporting that former PNP Treasurer, Norman Horne is a citizen of the United States of America and is ineligible to sit in the Jamaican Parliament. According to Nationwide News, Mr. Horne is the holder of a current United States Passport.

Mr. Horne was thrown into the spotlight after Mr. Golding's appointment of Peter Bunting as a Senator hit a roadblock on Friday when it was discovered that there was no vacancy as Mr. Horne's appointment by former PNP President Dr. Peter Phillips was still in force.

Horne had indicated in a press release that ho would not be taking up the senate appointment as it was his opinion that the new PNP president should be given a free hand to make his own senate appointment. Horne however, had not communicated his intentions to the Governor General.

Opposition Leader Mark Golding along with PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell, Party Chairman Phillip Paulwell, and other senior Party officials met with Horne on Monday December 7, 2020, to pursue a resolution to the matter of filling the vacant Senate seat.

The Opposition Leader impressed on Mr. Horne the urgency of the matter, and its significance to the orderly running of the Senate, and reminded him of the responsibilities of the Leader of the Opposition to the State and the Constitution.  Opposition Leader Golding indicated to Mr. Horne the two options available to him; either: 

a)   Make good on his public declaration made in October that he did not intend to be sworn in to the Senate and would have shortly sent his letter of resignation to the Governor General to indicate the same; or,

b)   Indicate that he intends to take the Oath of Office and be sworn in as Senator.  If however he chooses to be sworn in as Senator, he should provide documentation evidencing that he had renounced his US citizenship prior to his appointment to the Senate, in order to clarify his eligibility.  

Mr. Horne indicated that he would communicate his decision “in due course”, and gave a commitment to speak again with the Leader of the Opposition by end of this week. The country therefore waits on Mr. Horne to act, so the Senate can be fully constituted.

In the meantime, the Opposition Leader and his Shadow Cabinet are moving forward in discharging their duties.


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