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Autopsy shows Deane died of multiple head blows

American pathologist Dr Michael Baden American pathologist Dr Michael Baden
MONTEGO BAY, St James — Preliminary result of an autopsy conducted on the body of  31 year old construction worker Mario Deane revealed that he died as a result of  multiple blows to the head and compression of the neck.

The autopsy was conducted by government pathologist Dr Murari Saranji at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, and was observed by United States-based pathologist Dr Michael Baden on behalf of Dean’s family.

Mario Deane, who was beaten while in police custody at the Barnett Street Police Station, Montego Bay in August.

“The cause of death was multiple impact to his head and brain and compression to the neck — homicide,” Baden told journalists following a marathon post-mortem conducted at the Cornwall Regional Hospital morgue.

“Dr Saranji was very co-operative and very helpful to me and to the family. We did confirm that Mario died of multiple impact to the head, face, brain and did suffer some neck compression,” Dr Baden disclosed. The renowned US pathologist said that Dr Saranji will get “additional studies finished”.

However, Baden said, while the autopsy proved that Deane died of a beating, it could not say by whom it was orchestrated.

“That’s going to depend on more information; the autopsy can’t tell you what happened, so that’s going to depend on credibility of witness statements, the kind of information that the crime lab is developing from talking to witnesses, and once all of that is gathered we will be able to compare it to the autopsy findings and see what the most credible explanation is,” Baden said.

“There was nothing sufficient to tell what kind of an object was used, if any was used. It could have been multiple blows from fists, could be pushed against a concrete wall, some kind of a hand or arm had to cause some of the damage to the neck, the compression of the neck,” he explained.

He also disclosed that autopsy results showed that there were broken facial bones and that there were marks on Deane’s wrist, consistent with handcuffs, but he could not say when they were made.

“… [I] can’t tell, can’t tell. There was some marks on the wrist, but I can’t tell when. Maybe when he was initially arrested or something,” he said.

Last modified onFriday, 05 September 2014 09:04