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HAITI | Massive protests accentuate crisis in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Nov. 2 (Prensa Latina) Worsening of the country's crisis, continued massive protests and government attempts to normalize the situation marked the week in Haiti ending today.
The week began with a protest by police officers, who, although they disassociated themselves from the political movement that has been calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse for months, did demand salary increases, health and life insurance and better working conditions.

Also this week, textile and health workers filled the streets of this capital with anti-government protests, and denounced corruption, as well as a complete change to the imposed neoliberal system, to resolve poverty and inequality.

On the other hand, Moïse insisted on the formation of a government of national unity and reiterated that at this moment the country is at a crossroads, 'in which we can transform this crisis into an opportunity.

The president invited the opposition to engage in talks to end the current crisis, while noting that a vacancy in the Executive would plunge the country further into chaos in the hands of gangs.

His words generated rejection from opposition sectors that released a new calendar of mobilizations until next Tuesday, and tightened the blockade of interprovincial races, and barricades in the main roads of the capital.

On Friday, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner denounced that at least 42 people died, 19 of them at the hands of police, and 86 were injured since mid-September, when the new wave of protests began and advocated a dialogue among Haitians.

The socio-political crisis that has lasted two months in the small Caribbean nation has kept more than two million children out of school, several companies have closed or cut their payroll, and the food insecurity suffered by almost three million Haitians is worsening.


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