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HAITI | Haiti unions will protest against insecurity and kidnappings

Featured HAITI | Haiti unions will protest against insecurity and kidnappings
Port-au-Prince, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Haitian unions called for a general strike on February 1 and 2 to protest against insecurity and kidnappings, which today reach alarming figures.
Gathered in the Collective of Haitian Trade Unions for Respect of the 1987 Constitution, they demanded that the government compensate the families who were victims of the climate of violence spread in almost all the country's territories, especially the capital.

His spokesman, Duclos Benissoit, also called on all sectors of national life to formulate strategies to contain the country's systemic crisis.

Important unions such as the National Union of Haitian Workers, which brings together textile workers, and the Lawyers' Collective for the Defense of Human Rights, supported the movement.

Haiti is experiencing a worsening of the climate of insecurity in its departmental capitals, among which Port-au-Prince stands out, with a high number of homicides, kidnappings and massacres in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Over the last week, no less than 10 people have been abducted to demand ransom, including student Géraldine Joachin, who was tortured before her release the day before. Also a teacher, a driver and a dancer were among the victims.

Last Tuesday, young people organized a sit-in in front of the residence of the Prime Minister, Joseph Jouthe, to denounce the recurrence of these cases, perpetrated in the indifference and inertia of the police institution. The public security forces, for their part, repressed them with tear gas.

Also on Thursday, students and public transportation drivers staged two protest movements in Carrefour, located at the southern exit of the capital, to demand that the government assume its responsibilities in the face of the rise of this phenomenon.

Human rights organizations estimate that at least four people are kidnapped every day, although the majority of cases are not reported to judicial institutions.

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