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GUYANA | Opposition condemns Taiwan fiasco, reaffirms One China policy

Featured Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon
GEORGETOWN, Guyana February 4, 2021 – The Opposition APNU/AFC Coalition, has reaffirmed its commitment to the One China Policy and has apologised to the People’s Republic of China for what it describes as “the irrational and impetuous act by the PPP/C regime” in attempting to recognize Taiwan.

In a statement today, the Coalition said it had “taken note of reports that the PPP regime has withdrawn permission for the setting up of a Taiwanese trade office in Guyana.”

“Less than 24 hours prior, news broke from the United States Embassy in Guyana that the PPP/C had granted permission for the setting up of the trade office, a de facto Taiwanese embassy, and that such facility was already operational,” the statement said.

“Now, less than 24 hours later, after the ineptitude, danger and recklessness of such a decision had been exposed, the bungling PPP regime has been forced with withdraw the permission. The damage however has been done. Decades old strong relations between Guyana and China have become strained in under 6 months of the PPP regime’s installation in office,” the Coalition lamented.

The Opposition pointed out that “the PPP has clearly, by its actions, departed from Guyana’s unwavering adherence to the One China Policy and demonstrated that it is willing to alienate and ostracize Guyana in the community of nations and from our longstanding friends and allies.”

“The decision by the PPP regime to grant permission to open the de facto Taiwanese embassy and having to rescind such permission after pressure from all quarters locally and internationally, underscores the PPP’s unlearned, irresponsible and perilous approach to Guyana’s foreign policy,” the Opposition said.

“It will now take years and considerable diplomatic and other scarce resources to repair and rebuild trust with the Chinese after this gigantic diplomatic blunder by the inept PPP/C regime.

‘The APNU/AFC Coalition asserts that Guyana’s foreign policy must continue to be founded on the basis of mutual respect and understanding, non-interference, multilateralism and strong relations with all states calls on the PPP/C to immediately abandon its ill-advised isolationist foreign policy.

The Coalition said it looked forward, at the earliest opportunity, to engaging with our Chinese friends in restoring and strengthening our bilateral relations and working together for the mutual benefit of our peoples.


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