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GUYANA | APNU/AFC defends Guyana's territorial stance against Venezuela, but.....

Featured Guyana’s Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Amanza Walton-Desir Guyana’s Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Amanza Walton-Desir
GEORGETOWN, Jan. 13, 2021 – Guyana’s Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Amanza Walton Desir has warned the Irfaan Ali administration, that despite the need for unity in support of Guyana’s territorial integrity, national unity is being eroded by suppression and de-humanisation of Afro-Guyanese and victimization of persons seen as supporters of the main opposition A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC).

In a statement, Ms Walton Desir  said “labelling the deliberate suppression and de-humanisation of Afro-Guyanese and the victimization of public servants and persons seen as supporters of the APNU/AFC as mere “political differences” to be set aside in the face this external threat, is both disingenuous and delusional.”

On Saturday, Guyana’s president Irfaan Ali said his government would take a “bipartisan” approach to deal with the issue of Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and on Sunday, Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon pledged his support for any fair and sensible action against Venezuela’s renewed claim.

APNU/AFC said it would be standing in unity with the government against any attempt by neighbouring Venezuela to unilaterally extend its maritime boundary with Guyana.

The Shadow Minister said “As a Guyanese, I am unstinting in my support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our beloved country. As Dave Martins so eloquently declared we shall cede “not one cuirass, not ah blade ah grass.”

However, she warned that “the PPP/C government must know that unity cannot be achieved by Presidential Decree or fatwa. If they hope to reap the harvest of unity, they had better start sowing the appropriate seeds. A good place to start would be the reinstatement of the fired public servants and the solving of the murders of Joel, Isaiah and Haresh,” Walton Desir proposed.

She said “The assertion by President Maduro of sovereignty over the territory west of the mighty Essequibo and exclusive sovereign rights in the related waters and seabed adjacent to Guyana’s coast is preposterous.”

The Shadow Minister noted that “the APNU/AFC has” committed to a bi-partisan approach to dealing with this matter and the Minister of Foreign Affairs has provided a full brief to the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Foreign Relations. It is heartening to see that the Chairman of CARICOM, the Hon. Dr. Keith Rowley has reiterated CARICOM's support of Guyana on this issue.”

“It is to be recalled that on December 18th 2020, the ICJ determined that it had jurisdiction to hear the matter of the Arbitral Award of 3rd October 1899 (Guyana v. Venezuela). It is important that the seisin of the court be respected and that the ICJ proceed to resolve this matter once and for all, peacefully. Guyana stands on the side of right in this regard and will be vindicated, I am certain,” she declared.

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