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GUYANA | APNU+AFC Coalition concerned over Pompeo's visit to Guyana

Featured APNU+AFC Coalition partners (from left)Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon and AFC Chairman Raphael Trotman APNU+AFC Coalition partners (from left)Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon and AFC Chairman Raphael Trotman
GEORGETOWN, September 14, 2020 – Guyana’s Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon and Coalition partner, AFC Chairman Raphael Trotman, say they are concerned about the impending visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and what he is expected to demand from the Guyana government as it relates to neighbouring Venezuela.

The AFC’s Raphael Trotman warned against the potential of Pompeo leaving Guyana in what he termed “a hot mess,” while Harmon has fully endorsed concerns by the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) about the implications of Mr. Pompeo’s visit as it relates to Guyana-Venezuela relations.

The association has urged the Guyana government to publicly state what are the country’s non-negotiable positions on Venezuela, in the context of that country’s decades-long claim to the Essequibo Region.

The GHRA has cautioned that the United States’ preferred successor to Nicolas Maduro Juan Guaidó, is hostile towards Guyana on the territorial claim of the Essequibo Region and all of the oil-rich Atlantic sea.

In his contribution to the debate on the 2020 National Budget, Trotman warned against what he termed “a foreign dignitary’s visit,” causing serious problems for Guyana-Venezuela relations.

“Being aware of the imminent arrival of certain foreign dignitaries, we must be careful that in the height of the pomp, no pun intended, and ceremony, we do not lose our dignity and self-respect and trade our sovereignty, statehood and hallowed stance of the right to self-determination and non-interference, in the affairs of other states by agreeing to some unhelpful and unholy agenda that is meant to boost electoral prospects elsewhere”, Mr. Trotman said.

“There has been too much progress made in the last five years as we took our case to the International Court of Justice seeking a peaceful solution and it will be a travesty of monumental and epic proportions if we, Mr. Speaker, found ourselves in a hot mess and threatened,” he said, in clear reference to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Trotman a security expert trained in the United States, cautioned against Guyana becoming embroiled in an unhelpful and unholy agenda that is meant to boost the electoral prospects of persons elsewhere, later in the year.

Pompeo’s visit to Guyana is coming at a time when the US Government is trying to whip up support in the region in its quest to topple Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro.

According to the Guyana Human Rights Association, “Rumours of an ‘October surprise’ in the form of pressure on Venezuela prior to elections in both the US and Venezuela have been intensifying for some time. Economic and military pressure along with covert operations and disinformation campaigns have been reported, involving Colombian and Brazilian military.

Despite the US Government’s decision not to recognise the Maduro Presidency and the announcement of a wanted bulletin for him along with the issuance of several sanctions, Maduro still sits comfortably as the Venezuelan President enjoying the support of a number of Latin American and other world leaders.

The Government of Guyana in April turned down a request from the US Government to relay the Voice of America (VOA) radio broadcasts to Venezuela.

Former President David Granger in a comment to the media at the time, said the request was refused so as not to further destabilise relations between the two neighbours.

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