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CUBA is not a sponsor of state terrorism says Gov't

Featured President Trump wants to unravel President Obama’s landmark agreement with Cuban President Raul Castro, above, whom Obama met in Havana in 2016. President Trump wants to unravel President Obama’s landmark agreement with Cuban President Raul Castro, above, whom Obama met in Havana in 2016.
HAVANA, Cuba, January 12, 2021 -The government of the Republic of Cuba has reacted to a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo intending to include Cuba again on the United States unilateral list of countries that sponsor terrorism, calling the charac terization, Fraudulent, cynical and hypocritical.

In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, the ministry says it "condemns in the strongest and most absolute terms the fraudulent qualification of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, announced by the United States government in a cynical and hypocritical act."

The statement said "for months now, there has been speculation about the possibility of including Cuba in the State Department's unilateral list that qualifies countries, without any mandate or legitimacy, lacking genuine motivation, referring to terrorism and its consequences, and as an instrument of defamation to apply coercive economic measures against nations that resist bowing to the whims of US imperialism."

Cuba USAThe Cuban government said "the announcement made by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is a superb act by a government that is discredited, dishonest and morally bankrupt. It is known, without a doubt, that the true motivation for this action is to impose additional obstacles to any prospect of recovery in the bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States."

"Cuba is not a state sponsor of terrorism, a truth recognized by all. The official and well-known policy, and the impeccable conduct of our country, is the rejection of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, in particular State terrorism, by whoever, against whoever and wherever it is committed," the statement said.

"Cuba is a state victim of terrorism and our population has suffered it firsthand, at the cost of 3,478 fatalities and 2,099 people with disabilities, due to acts committed by the United States government or perpetrated and sponsored from the territory of that country with the tolerance of the official authorities. We Cubans repudiate with contempt any maneuver aimed at manipulating such a sensitive issue, for gross purposes of political opportunism," the statement concluded.

In an effort to break the back of the Cuban economy and the spirit of the Cuban people, the Trump regime has implemented more than 200 measures against Cuba in recent years, including limiting trips, barring cruise ship visits and limiting remittances to $1,000 per person per quarter.

These measures have dealt a severe blow for many on an island whose tourism industry has been devastated by the pandemic and which has seen long lines for food and fuel and related shortages throughout the year.

One of the newest sanctions hit Western Union by banning its Cuban partner company, Fincimex, from handling remittances because of its ties to the military-run company Gaesa.

Pompeo has accused Cuba’s military of supporting Venezuela and systematically violating human rights.

Cuba’s government has refused to use a finance company not associated with its military, and Western Union’s effort to find a way around the sanctions was to no avail.

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