OECS saddened by the magnitude of disaster in Haiti

OECS saddened by the magnitude of disaster in Haiti

OECS, August 16, 2021 -  The Authority of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) says it stands in solidarity with the Government and people of Haiti following the devastating earthquake which has left hundreds dead, hundreds more injured and many buried under rubble.

In a statement today, the OECS said "we are saddened by the magnitude of this unfolding disaster. The OECS Authority extends deepest sympathy to the people of Haiti at this time, particularly to those in the affected area who have experienced the loss and devastation firsthand."

"The OECS Authority assures the Government and people of Haiti, of our full and unwavering support.  

"We recognise that the scope of Haiti’s needs at this time is quite extensive, and we therefore call for concerted humanitarian action at the international level to bring much-needed and immediate relief to the people of Haiti. 

"An obvious urgent need is that of disaster resilient housing that will provide a more secure option for those most in need, improving their chances of escaping the devastation caused by hurricanes and earthquakes. It is our hope that given the availability of technology to enable such, the provision of disaster resilient housing will be one of the long-term response mechanisms launched in the aftermath of this disaster.  



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