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JAMAICA | Step aside and let us implement our plan to fix agriculture says PNP

  • Written by Calvin G. Brown -Wiredja.com
  • Published in Agriculture
 People's National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister for Agriculture Victor Wright People's National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister for Agriculture Victor Wright
KINGSTON, Jamaica, February 29, 2020: People's National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister for Agriculture Victor Wright, says prime minister Andrew Holness' call for the opposition to "put solutions on the table for agriculture," is a clear indication that the Jamaica Labour Party government is out of ideas and needs to step out of the way of progress.

"It is sad that the Prime Minister has to come to the Opposition for advice on how to develop agriculture in this country. It shows that his government is out of ideas for one of the most important sectors in our economy.” Mr. Wright said.

"The next PNP government will take several steps to help our farmers grow their businesses. First, we will ensure that there are actually opportunities for local Jamaican farmers in our biggest agricultural growth industry - medicinal cannabis.

"The failed JLP government has built a cannabis industry of, by and for foreigners and it has left our traditional cultivators behind. This must be changed. We need to ensure that our local farmers are not cut out of the process through training, providing low cost lands, providing opportunities to refine their products and welcome them into the formal business environment.”

Mr. Wright said farmers need to be assured of access to reliable markets for their produce. They need guaranteed good prices so they can replenish their inputs, take care of their families and keep the wheels of production turning.

"One of the biggest challenges our farmers face is with infrastructure. We need improved roads to make it easier to bring goods to market. We need enhanced irrigation systems to make more arable land available and protect against the harms of droughts. And, we need to strengthen co-ops to allow them to purchase and share modern farming equipment.

Mr. Wright emphasized that the government needs to provide more educational opportunities for young people in the farming sector so that they can learn how to run profitable agriculture businesses that create jobs and take care of families. So many Jamaicans go overseas to farm, but, we should be providing opportunities to farm and earn money right here in our country.

"Mr. Prime Minister, since you are out of ideas for agriculture, we welcome the opportunity to lead and the people will have an opportunity to choose fresh leadership and new ideas in the next election!" Mr. Wright said.


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