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JAMAICA | Constant Spring Market Vendors disrespected says PNP

Featured People’s National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister of Local Government, Dr. Angela Brown Burke People’s National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister of Local Government, Dr. Angela Brown Burke
KINGSTON, Jamaica, August 27, 2018: The People’s National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister of Local Government, Dr Angela Brown Burke, is expressing profound disappointment at the cavalier manner in which the vendors at the Constant Spring Market are being treated and the total disrespect being meted out to them.

The Shadow Minister is urging the Minister of Local Government,  Desmond McKenzie to do all he can to secure the rights of the market vendors, identify an acceptable place for them to ply their wares and protect the bare-bone livelihood of these persons and their families, as every Jamaican deserves a fair shake.

“I find it unacceptable that these law abiding citizens, who have been vending legally and paying fees for decades, (some for nearly 40 years), could be treated like second-class citizens in their own country by the government of the day. It is also clear that the Mayor and the leadership of the KSAMC do not see themselves as having any responsibility to the vendors, who are now being displaced by the very action of the Council,” Dr Brown Burke said.

The Constant Spring Market vendors, who resorted to court to force the KSAMC to issue a proper notice to vacate the facility, have not even been granted the courtesy of a meeting with the Municipal authority.

“To add insult to injury, the KSAMC and others proclaim that ‘it’s a done deal,’ without any attempt to speak to the vendors directly,” the Shadow Minister said.

Dr Brown Burke is pointing out that there is ample space to create a new vending area in close proximity to the soon-to-be demolished market.

“This is leading many of us to wonder whether there is an alternate plan that is not being articulated which excludes the traditional market vendors from the space,” she said.

Dr Brown Burke says she will spare no effort to do whatever is necessary to highlight the plight of the market vendors and urge all well-thinking Jamaicans, especially those using the Constant Spring Market to stand up for what is right and support the right of the vendors to a proper place for vending.


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