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INDECOM flays police over Pix of crime scene bodies

Featured INDECOM flays police over Pix of crime scene bodies
KINGSTON, MAY 29, 2016- Police personnel who take pictures of  dead bodies at crime scenes are facing a backlash from Commissioner of  the Independent Commission of  Investigations (INDECOM) Terrence Williams.

In a statement on Sunday,  Williams said he has observed a recent trend in which photographs and videos are circulated on social media following security force-related fatal shootings.

Williams pointed to photographs recently posted on the internet concerning two fatal shootings on April 12 and 13.

The INDECOM Commissioner says the photographs show the clearest evidence of  a dead person, taken in circumstances in which it is more than reasonable to assume were recorded by State Agents or permitted by them, but in which it was reported that the injured persons were rushed to hospital.

Williams says the photographic evidence provides a contradictory account to there being any injured person or any urgency in being rushed to the hospital.

Williams says INDECOM has received comments and complaints about the incidents.                                      

He notes that the current video and recent uploading of  pictures of people killed by the security forces are observed nationally and internationally across the internet and do little to enhance the reputation of  the Jamaican police service.

He is urging State Agents to ensure they act, at all times, with the utmost professionalism and demonstrate due respect for citizens and the families of  dead or injured persons.

Williams has also called for security personnel to respect the dead.    

He says a video was circulated which shows members of  the Jamaica Constabulary Force handling the body of  John Hibbert on May 17 this year after he was allegedly shot by the officers.

The video shows police officers throwing the body into the back of  a  service vehicle.

Williams argues that all citizens, irrespective of  what they have allegedly done, or who they may be, are entitled to be treated with a measure of  respect.

He called for persons involved in the removal of  bodies from crime scenes to show professionalism, dignity and respect, both for the dead as well as family members and friends who are present.

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