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Venezuelan Govt Says Guaido Coup Failed

Featured Venezuelan Govt Says Guaido Coup Failed
Caracas, Apr 30,  The president of Venezuela''s National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, assured today that further right-wing coup attempts in the country will be defeated.

Before the popular mobilization called by the authorities in the Miraflores Palace, the Executive's headquarters, the political leader stressed that the opposition will not take power.

Juan Guaido, the opposition lawmaker who illegally proclaimed himself "interim president" of Venezuela Tuesday morning made a call on social media asking the military and people to begin an uprising against the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Senior government officials have rejected the attempted coup and called on the country's population to do the same and march towards the Miraflores presidential palace to protect the country from the far-right, U.S.-backed coup.

Thousands of citizens have accepted the call and marched Tuesday to the palace to attend a rally led by the head of the National Consistent Assembly

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino and ANC head insisted that the country's institutions remain under the command of the legitimate Caracas authorities.

Absolutely all the military units and the La Carlota military base itself remain loyal to president, Nicolas Maduro, and in support of the Constitution,' said the head of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodriguez.

For his part, the Venezuelan president called for the biggest mobilization against the destabilizing maneuver.

Caricom leadership has issued a statement appealing "for calm and peace,” while reiterating a pledge that CARICOM will continue to make every effort to help bring a peaceful resolution to Venezuela’s political situation.

President Donald Trump threatened  Cuba with a "full embargo" if the country does not stop their support for Venezuela.

Russia's Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced that "if Washington does not stop interfering in the affairs of Venezuela, it will lead to the collapse of the situation."

She commented also that some Washington politicians cannot appreciate how destructive that path can be "which is strange because everyone else already sees it".

Zakharova made these statements after U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton requested a "regime change" in Venezuela.

During a press conference from New York, the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations Samuel Moncada said that Tuesday’s “coup attempt seeks to promote a puppet government, but failed because most of our people want to live in peace and with the right to self-determination."

The Venezuelan official also called on the international community to reject the far-right violent attempt, for it “violates every U.N Charter and undermines peace."

The diplomat pointed out that the U.S. government has openly admitted that it has participated in today's new conspiracy act and commented that “it's a psychopathic, warlike elite that is using all media with a bombard of fake news."

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